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Few mattress brands have attained the outstanding quality and acclamation of Tempur-Pedic mattresses. The truth is that Tempur-Pedic has revolutionized the way people sleep. You can lie down on a Tempur-Pedic mattress and quickly forget that you have weight issues, pressure on your joints, or unfavorable temperature. The level of support Tempur-Pedic provides is extraordinary.

Tempur-Pedic: A Truly Revolutionary Brand

Tempur-Pedic was originally designed as cushioning material for NASA space crafts. Swedish scientists borrowed the idea and did successful trials on the material prototype. The success of the tests inspired mattress pundits to introduce Tempur-Pedic materials into the bedding industry in the U.S. Since then, Tempur-Pedic has grown into a top-tier mattress brand name in the United States bedding market.

At What A Mattress, we can assure you that Tempur-Pedic mattresses has already warmed its way into the hearts and minds of millions of consumers in America. What’s the reason for its immense success? Unlike conventional mattresses, Tempur-Pedic has attained a perfect balance between form and function.  No other mattress brand boasts of revolutionary features and cutting-edge designs like Tempur-Pedic. That’s why the brand will always remain a top-tier brand and a pacesetter in mattress design and production.

Remarkable Sleeping Experience

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are designed to deliver unmatched comfort and the best sleeping experience possible. Unlike other mattresses, Tempur-Pedic responds progressively to the weight, temperature, and contour of the user. Whether you curl yourself, lie on your back, or stomach, you will experience the reassuring and comforting feel of a Tempur-Pedic mattress as it embraces your body in totality.

Exclusive Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

Tempur-Pedic boasts of an exclusive line of finely crafted mattresses that caters to the diverse sleeping needs of consumers.  Each mattress provides remarkable comfort and peace that allows you to sleep with ease. Presently, What A Mattress stocks the following highly-conforming Tempur-Pedic mattresses.

- Tempur-Weightless
- Tempur-Simplicity
- Tempur-Rhapsody
- Tempur-Cloud
- Tempur-Contour

Whenever you sleep on Tempur-Pedic, you will immediately feel the soft and reassuring surface conform to your body's shape. Tempur-Pedic eliminates the discomfort that is typical of traditional latex mattresses. It doesn’t matter whether you have back pain, weight issues, or pressure points, Tempur-Pedic will adjust itself slowly to create the perfect environment for your sleep. The deep-level support and reassuring comfort will certainly change your sleep experience for a lifetime.

Discover the Tempur-Pedic Experience

Visit What A Mattress of Memphis and experience the reassuring comfort and deep support of Tempur-Pedic in its totality. Our friendly and knowledgeable mattress experts will help you explore the world of Tempur-Pedic and find a mattress that satisfies all of your sleeping needs fully.