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Simmons is an iconic mattress brand with a rich and diverse heritage. As a leading mattress brand, it has produced some of the most adored bedding solutions you can find in the bedding market. We here at What A Mattress are delighted to share with you the heritage of one of America’s most loved mattress brands.

The Simmons Legacy

Would you believe that Simmons was originally a cheese box manufacturing company? Yes, Simmons started out as a small cheesebox-making business that evolved into a medium-sized mattress manufacturing enterprise. The first batch of mattresses were wire-woven. With time, Simmons refined it mattress products and expanded its operations.

Since its inception, Simmons has regaled consumers with some of the finest features ever incorporated into mattresses. The fine details and exceptional features makes Simmons a top-tier mattress brand among many competing brands. Truth be told, Simmons is a brand that has consistently delivered mattresses that meet the needs of its customers down to the last detail.

Superior Design and Lasting Comfort

At What A Mattress, we can say without fear of contradiction that Simmons is a superior brand because it delivers a healthy, supportive, and pleasant sleeping experience to the majority of consumers. You can walk into our What A Mattress store and purchase a Simmons mattress with full confidence that it will deliver exactly what it was designed to. It’s not just the exemplary qualities of the mattress that make it an iconic brand, but the reassuring comfort that it will remain the foundation of your sleep for a lifetime.

Simmons Exclusive Bedding Solutions

Simmons has a fine collection of mattresses designed to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. Whether you are looking for a mattress that provides deep-level support or firmness, or a combination of both, we assure you that Simmons has got your needs catered for fully. What A Mattress offers the following exclusive lines of Simmons mattresses.

- Beautyrest
- Beautyrest Black
- Beauty Sleep
- ComfortPedic

Everytime you lie down on a Simmons mattress, you will be ushered into a comfortable and peaceful sleep. The deep-level support and extra comfort will transform your routine sleep into a pleasant and memorable experience. You can buy any brand of Simmons and get the full assurance that you will get good value for your money and the best sleeping experience for a lifetime!

Discover the Perfect Simmons Experience

Visit What A Mattress today and experience the comfort and delight of sleeping on your favorite Simmons. Our mattress experts will guide you on every feature and ultimately help you find a mattress that caters for your specific needs at competitive prices. Don't miss the perfect blend of peace and comfort that Simmons provides; it's a delightful experience that lasts a lifetime!