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Sealy has tucked millions of Americans into bed successfully. Sealy's journey into our bedrooms started way back in 1881 when Daniel Haynes built a prototype cotton-filled mattress. Since then, Sealy has grown into America’s most loved mattress brand.

Sealy Heritage

Sealy has regaled the world with high-flying innovations for several decades. From the ubiquitous Sealy Brand to the exquisite Sealy Posturepedic mattress, every mattress has a beguiling charm and undeniable sophistry that lacks in conventional mattresses. Sealy has created and patented several ground-breaking bedding solutions such as Pressure Relief inlays and Posture channels and refined hundreds of its products.

Sealy has maintained its commitment to provide quality sleep and comfort to millions of Americans. Every time you lie on a Sealy mattress, you will be channelled into more than a century of ingenuity and excellent workmanship. Sealy mattresses have a trademark comfort and quality that you can’t find in traditional latex foam mattresses. Just visit What A Mattress today and explore the comfort and convenience of the incredible Sealy mattress brands.

Sealy Mattress Brands

If you want to invest your money in a good mattress, we urge you to consider Sealy mattresses. Sealy contemporary mattresses provide excellent support, high comfort levels, and sturdiness that lasts for a lifetime. Presently, Sealy produces the following 4 brands of mattresses.

- Sealy Brand
- Sealy Posturepedic
- Optimum
- Stearns & Foster

Sealy mattresses are designed to offer four varying levels of comfort and support to consumers: Ultra Plush, Plush, Cushion Firm, and Firm. If you need a soft-feeling mattress, the Ultra plush will come as a perfect choice. Plush offers a firmer feel but less firm than the Cushion Firm. On the other hand, Firm offers the hardest comfort level.

If you are looking for variety, you will be glad to know that Sealy has got you fully covered. Sealy provides a remarkable variety of mattresses designed to satisfy the unique sleeping needs of its customers. You can buy any Sealy mattress with full confidence that you will enjoy deep support and comfort for a lifetime.

Discover the TRUE Sealy Experience

Saying "good night" is not enough to transport you into a world of quiet, comfortable and tranquil sleep. Sealy mattress is just what you need to enhance your sleep experience and wake up feeling refreshed every day.

Visit What A Mattress and explore the beautiful, refreshing, and comforting Sealy experience at unbeatable prices today!



                                     Sealy Brand                                                           

   Available in:  Latex Foam,  Innerspring, and Gel Memory Foam       



Sealy PosturePedic  

    Available in:Classic Series, Gel Series, and Hybrid Series




  Available in: Density, Radiance, Inspiration,Vibrant, Elation, Desire, and Gel Latex



Stearns & Foster

 Available in: Traditional, Estate, Lux Estate, Luxery Latex, Monogram Gel, and Golden Elegance