Nightmares tend to appear very often during our sleep, and most of the time they will lead to things such as sleep deprivation and a variety of other issues that need to be avoided at all costs. But what causes nightmares?





There are numerous things that are thought of causing nightmares. Yes, there aren’t any causes that are 100% sure; instead all of these seem to add up depending on the person. What we do know to be causing nightmares are either late nigh snacks or medication. These include things such as narcotics, antidepressants, but at the same time the blood pressure or activities that increase metabolism can also promote the generation of nightmares.


Sleep has multiple phases, and into the deepest ones our mind is still conscious and it processes the information acquired during the day. The downside in the case of dreams is that they can make us frightened, lead to sleep deprivation and remove our potential to be productive during the next day.


Since these dreams lead to anxiety, sadness or guilt, most of the time they will manage to instill this into our brain and that is definitely something we need to avoid at all costs. Of course, there are a few solutions in this regard, and some of them include things such as generating a wellbeing state, avoiding to eat up late during the night and just make sure that we avoid all their causes at all times.


You might think that nightmares just appear out of nowhere but no, in fact you are the one that generates them believe it or not. Nightmares tend to be vivid and sometimes they might actually seem so real they will impact your life. Of course, nightmares are important, sometimes as important as the regular dreams because thanks to them you can immediately identify what you fear and how you can escape that feeling once and for all. Through them, you can become a better person, if you manage to identify the issue and put it to rest.


People dream only about things they know, they experience, so there’s never an unknown component in any dream, this is only our imagination. Instead, nightmares are an extension of our deepest and darkest fears that we are afraid of facing. These are those things that make us fearful, and we need to be careful how to interpret them.


Of course, there are solutions that you can use in order to deal with this. You can try to talk with someone about your nightmares, or you can just start to make some changes in your life in order to create a good sleeping pattern, a proper diet and just avoid thinking about the bad things. This is a great way to enrich your life and remove all those nightmares. Yes, you can fight nightmares, but remember that in the end they are a part of our life, our identity, so it’s a good idea to treat them accordingly.