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6 Sleep Myths Debunked

As time has passed, especially in the last decade, people started to create their own preconceptions when it comes to sleep. Many of us tend to think that waking up a sleepwalker is not good and that we need to sleep for a certain amount of time each night, but are these statements true or just something that the human mind has created on its own?


6 Sleep Myths Debunked


1. Never wake up a sleepwalker.


Those persons that are sleepwalking are usually in a very deep state of sleep, so even if you wake them up, the only thing that you will see is that they will just feel dizzy and disoriented, pretty much the way you feel when you hear an alarm in the morning. The best way to avoid problems here is to let sleepwalkers attend to their duties and intervene only when it’s crucial. It’s a polite and simpler way to deal with sleepwalkers. So the myth isn’t true, you won’t cause any heart attacks or anything similar, you will just scare the sleepwalker as he will be a little dizzy.


2. Watching TV helps you fall asleep.


While it’s far from being generally admitted, it seems that electronics and TVs as well will prevent you from falling asleep. In fact, they will generate numerous sleep disorders. This is why instead of sitting in front of the TV wanting to sleep, you just need to put your head on the pillow, imagine something interesting and just sleep.


3. Yawning is a sign that you're tired.


Yes, this myth is partially true. When you yawn you will see that your body doesn’t have any energy, and that is why you need to go to sleep when you see that you yawn more and more. However, there are other reasons why we yawn as well.


4. Older people require less sleep.


Adults need to sleep the same no matter their age, so this myth isn’t true. The problem  here comes from the fact that older people tend to have a fragmented sleep instead of a prolonged one, so the sleep quality has to suffer quite a lot.


5. You can catch up on missed sleep.


Unfortunately, this isn’t true. You can’t stay awake for 3 days in a row then catch up on the sleep that you missed. This is why you always need to create a sleep schedule and stick with it if you want to have a healthy body, as this is essential!


6. Everyone needs 8 hours of sleep.


Yes, 8 hours of sleep are recommended, but not for everyone. There are people who function well with 5 hours of sleep, while others need at least 8-9 hours. The main idea here is to listen to your body and sleep for as much time as it needs, otherwise you will just fall short and lack energy.

5 Tricks To Help You Fall Asleep

Lack of sleep has become a major issue in our society, and that is why when you do want to go to sleep, you want to do it as fast as you possibly can. The only way you can do that is by using one of the following methods that will help you fall sleep faster. 


5 Tricks To Help You Fall Asleep


1. Improve the Sleep Zone


Many people have problems falling asleep because they add many distractions in the bedroom. Things such as TVs, phones or any electronics should disappear, instead you need to think of the bedroom as place of relaxation and peace. Also, try to implement a room temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius. You will need to adjust the light so there won’t be any bright light in your room, as this might affect your ability to go to sleep.


2. Make Personal Adjustments


In order to get to sleep faster, you will have to find the sleep position that works for you and also wear the right type of pajamas, as you need to feel comfortable when you attempt to sleep. Adding a sleep mask will help as well, as this will help you concentrate a lot easier on sleep.


3. Use Multiple Relaxation Techniques


If you want to go to sleep rather quickly, then your best bet is to relax and enjoy the time you spend without worrying about anything. The best way to relax is to lie on your back and loosen the muscles in your body. This will help you achieve the ultimate relaxation. Also, if you need to relax quickly, think about some boring stuff. Getting rid of distractions will also help you relax and create your own sleep world, which is the most important thing when you want to go to sleep.


4. Perform Sleep Inducing Activities


Reading is by far one of those activities that will help you sleep, so try to read as much as possible before you sleep. Be it something dull or calm, books are great if you want to get to sleep faster. Use a book light in order to avoid brighter lights, as this is very important since it will help you fall asleep more quickly. Breathing techniques are another good method to get to sleep faster, and so is the ability to use your imagination to think about real or fantasy. Lastly, playing a game might also help you get this result as well!


5. Avoid Eating Before You Sleep


It’s important to avoid eating before you sleep, but if you do need to do that, eat only a small snack. You might want some bananas, avocado, figs and maybe some milk based drinks. Nuts are another good thing to eat before going to sleep. The idea is that you need to avoid going to bed hungry, instead you do need to eat something beforehand. However, try to avoid large meals, instead the snacks presented above and maybe some tea might provide you with the best effects.


In conclusion, there are multiple ways to fall asleep faster. Try to eat less before bedtime, create a cozy room to sleep in, read and relax, as this is the best way to get sleepy!

How A Good Night's Sleep Can Help You Live A Better Life

Most people know that a good night’s sleep is a very important part of our overall health but despite that fact many people don’t pay much attention to the quality of their sleep. But let’s see what makes our sleep so important. 


How A Good Night's Sleep Can Help You Live A Better Life


Our immune system is one of the busiest systems in our body. Our bodies are exposed to bacteria, stress, bad diet, unhealthy environment and sometimes to lack of sleep. Sleep is a primary biological need that we can’t “fight” against for long. But the modern way of life that brings a lot of stress during the day and the concern that we usually show during the night when we start thinking about the events that took place that day sometimes brings on a bad mood. This bad mood creates difficulties for those who want to fall asleep.


Sleep deprivation leaves visible marks on our physical appearance. Dark circles around the eyes and unhealthy weight loss are some of the effects of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation also affect the production of growth hormones that aid the process of cell renewal in the body.  


Without a good night’s sleep we can expect weakening of mental functions and sharp mood changes. Too little time spent in the REM stage will affect your ability to focus and think, it will bring bad mood and constant feeling of fatigue. Being restless, forgetful and grumpy for a longer period can lead to more serious mental disorders.


This is why a good night’s sleep is so useful. It allows the body and the mind to rest. It provides good rest for the muscles but it also provides our mind the needed time to process everything that was unconsciously absorbed during the day and we can expect interesting dreams as a result of that.  


During sleep, the rhythm of breathing, blood pressure and heart rate decrease and the whole metabolism slows down and at the same time the body temperature is lowered. Thanks to these changes during our sleep, the growth hormone reaches the cells more easily, repairs them and promotes the formation of new cells. 


Low quality sleep is one of the main reasons why you feel apathetic and less energetic. You don’t even have to read about some studies to believe this. Each of us have had days when we have felt under a lot of stress and had trouble falling asleep. The next day you probably felt even worse and you certainly couldn’t solve the problem. 


Before you go to bed, try to summarize your day and after that focus on the benefits that you will get if you sleep well. Those who have troubles falling asleep should engage in some physical activity. This is a great way to relieve stress and to prepare for a good sleep. However, never exercise before you go to bed. These exercises should be performed at least two hours before you go to bed.   


Healthy sleep requires a quality mattress, good bed, pillows and sheets, proper air flow in the room and an adequate amount of sleep (6-8 hours). 


Sleep rejuvenates, restores energy, maintains beauty and vitality, improves mental and physical strength and that’s why you need to take care about the way you sleep. 

How To Buy A Mattress On A Budget

A mattress can really change your life by improving the way you sleep and thus providing you with more energy. This is why you need to make sure that you get the right mattress that is fit for your body and sleep pattern. Of course, if you are shopping on a budget, then the first thing you need to do is figure out the total budget for the mattress, as that is surely crucial to say the least.


How To Buy A Mattress On A Budget


Another important thing you need to know about mattresses is their type. There are lots of different mattress types sold on the market and each one has different price tags. The ones that are widely sold both online and in the real world are the innerspring mattresses, as these aren’t that expensive to begin with, but they do offer all the comfort that a person needs in order to sleep safely.


Memory foam mattresses on the other hand are a little more expensive, and while they conform to your body and isolate it from motion, it’s safe to say that such a mattress is usually not suitable for someone that shops with a small budget in mind. It’s recommended though to look for such a mattress online and check if there are some discounts for it, as numerous online shops do tend to offer hefty price reductions from time to time.


Also, do know that cover materials don’t matter, only the interior of the mattress. While a lot of manufacturers tend to overhype the cover materials of a mattress, these are mainly marketing tools, as a normal user won’t feel the difference, so it’s important to make sure that  you don’t listen to this type and go with the mattress that’s the most comfortable when you test it.


If you have a child, then it’s important to check if the mattress is child appropriate, as this does matter quite a lot. These need to be made of a softer material and provide additional features. If you don’t have a child or you are buying it only for you, then you can skip this step.


Some retailers also offer free delivery, the same can be said for online retailers as well. If you don’t want to carry it on your own, then it’s a very good idea to just contact the retailer and see if he provides such a service, as that can come in handy a lot.


What’s more, most of us don’t want accessories, even though most retailers want to place them in the mattress price. The main idea here is to contact the retailer and tell them that you don’t want any accessory. This will lower the cost of the mattress quite a lot, something that is really important when you shop on a budget.


In summary there are lots of possibilities even if you are shopping on a budget, and by following the advice presented above you’ll surely be able to get a wonderful mattress at an affordable price without looking too much for it.

What Mom Never Told You About Mattresses

Growing up, your mother probably told you a lot of information that you either paid attention to or you failed to listen to. Sometimes that may or may not have gotten you in trouble, but there are certain things your mom may not have told you that you should know today.


What Mom Never Told You About Mattresses


First of all, your mother probably had a set bedtime for you and told you that you need to go to bed asap. What your mom didn’t tell you is that she probably paid a pretty penny for your mattress. Your mom wanted to make sure that you have a great night sleep every night. That is why she invested a lot of money in a comfortable mattress for you to sleep on every night.


Another thing your mom probably never told you about your mattress is that she probably bought you a mattress that is more comfortable than hers. She thought about your comfort first and that is why she came in so often and sat on your bed to read you a story.


One last thing your mom didn’t tell you about your mattress is that she did research about what you liked to sleep on before buying your mattress. If you liked softer surfaces, she probably got you a less firm mattress, where if you slept on the floor often, she might have gotten you a firmer mattress. It is the little details that your mom paid attention to.


As you can see now, your mom had a lot of influence on your sleep habits and mattress comfort levels.  Take a second and really thank your mom because when you were younger, you probably got the best nights of sleep ever!

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