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The Differences Between Platform And Box Spring Beds

For the sake of comfort, people prefer to choose for themselves something reliable and uplifting. Two of the beds which are most often preferred by people are Platform beds and Box Springs. While the two have their own significance, there’s a lot of comparison made between the two, that which one out of these should be preferred.




A platform bed has the foundation already built in, so it isn’t necessary to buy one along with it. And so, there isn’t any need to purchase a box spring when you have bought a platform, as its frame provides the support. It’s kind of different than the traditional box spring bed. While a box spring like the supportive system ordinarily utilizes more vertical space on the grounds that the container spring becomes closer to the floor. This lessens storage room underneath the beds. The distinction between the two is a practical consumption of space.


It certainly relies on upon your inclination for how you appreciate the ambiance of your bed when you rest. The Box Spring has the coils that work in pair with the mattress, and likewise help to adjust the sleeping pad to the state of your body. This can enhance your sleep by miracles, in that it supplements your potential for solace, along with avoiding the ordinary issues of wear and tear on sleeping beds, permitting it to last for a longer time.


Apart from that, it is to be bore in mind, the favourable circumstances of platforms: there is style, cost production - you can spare cash by not expecting to spend lavishly on box springs, it gives you a firm supportive sleep, platforms are more stable beds, particularly for those people who move about in their slumber. And one shouldn’t even forget that platform come in handy for storing, as they have this built in as well. 

Is It Illegal To Sleep In Public

After a very long day, it can be very hard to concentrate and because of that you need to go to sleep as fast as possible. However, the main issue here comes from the fact that many people tend to think it’s illegal to sleep just about anywhere. So, is it illegal to sleep in public?




First of all, it depends a lot when it comes to the place where you want to sleep. For example, if you are just taking a nap in the subway, it might seem rude towards the other people near you, but this is not illegal, not by any stretch of the imagination. However, when it comes to actually going to abandoned places and entering them in order to sleep, this is definitely a felony, as it’s considered an illegality and it’s punishable as the law implies.


Moreover, the same situation happens if you enter the city hall or the public library and sleep there after the closing hours as well. Yes, this is a trespassing and it’s punishable by law, even if you enter there just to get a nap.


In addition, if a certain place is off-limits at a certain time during the day/night and at that particular time you try to take a nap there, even if it’s a restricted area, then even the action of taking the nap there is considered a trespassing and punishable by law. Parks or section of those parks are considered such an area where sleeping is prohibited.


There are laws all over the US that are specifically created against the simple idea of resting or sleeping outside, mainly because the government wants to prevent homeless people sitting on the street. The laws are quite clear, and they clearly state that an activity such as sleeping needs to take place indoors, in a location that has specifically created for such a purpose. In the end, nothing can be more important than keeping safety on the streets and in the outside world, so the fact that sleeping in public areas is illegal is actually a good thing.


Sure, some might not agree with this, but in the end it’s all about maintain a control over the public locations and it’s a very good thing. It helps people a lot when it comes to better understanding how crucial it is to take a good night’s sleep inside their own bed rather than sleeping in public.


In conclusion, sleeping in public areas can be considered a felony such as trespassing for example, but if you just sleep in public as in the front of other people, then this is rude and not something illegal. However, we recommend you to avoid sleeping in public and instead rest at the designated hours, as this will help you a lot in your life!

Teens Need More Sleep

As much as one needs to take care of their diet for a healthy mind and body so do they need to take care of their sleep! Sleep is like a fuel for the brain. Our brain might not work properly if we don’t get the exact amount of sleep which is required per day.





Teenagers these days are stuck to the social median world of the Internet. With the advancement of more and more new trendy and innovative socializing apps, teens have totally lost their appetite of a good sleep. This is the main reason for which youngsters sleep at irregular times.


Teens are actually obsessed with these things and their lives now totally revolve around the internet, which they are found mostly to be using via their smartphones and tablets. This causes them to do nothing and rust their brains. Since they are doing nothing productive with their lives, they less likely get inclined to napping.


However, for a teenager a good slumber is extremely important as they are in an age when their most essential body systems are maturing and developing. If their biological clocks will be disturbed, then the synchronization of their internal systems will also be deteriorated.


Deficient sleep has as well been demonstrated to cause troubles in school, including disciplinary issues, sleepiness in class and not being able to concentrate on the lectures. Students also lose interest in the extra co-curricular activities as they become lazier day by day with a disruptive routine.


It has been proven by many researchers that a teenager can do wonders if they put themselves to use in the most efficient way. So, it is recommended for all teens to get a regular sleep to stay fit and become an efficacious and valuable future of the world.



Design Your Bedroom To Get The Best Night's Sleep: 7 Essential Tips

Looking to design the ultimate sleep palace, but not sure where to start? Try the following seven tips to remodel your bedroom into a haven for peaceful slumber:




1. Choose relaxing colours for your bedroom decor. Warm colours like yellow and orange may seem cheerful in the daytime, but they promote alertness, which is obviously not ideal for sleeping. Choose soft, cool colours instead lilacs, blues, and greens are all peaceful hues.



2. Set the right temperature. Keep your room cool for sleeping, about 60-67 degrees. Cool air contains more oxygen, which makes breathing easier and aids in relaxation (low oxygen levels cause the brain to release stress hormones). Likewise, temperatures high enough to make you sweat with blankets over you are sure to be disruptive.



3. Skip the desk. It's been proven that working in the bedroom alters your brain's associations; your brain no longer thinks “sleep” when in that room, but rather goes into “work mode”, which can cause insomnia. It's better to avoid reminders of work altogether in the bedroom, so if at all possible, forgo adding a desk and office chair.



4. Remove the TV and computer. Not only are these two pieces of technology notoriously distracting, they emit “blue light”, which the brain responds to in the same way it responds to daylight by thinking it's time to wake up. To avoid temptation, keep your TV and computer in another room, and leave them behind at least an hour before your planned bedtime. (If you find your smartphone addictive, it's best to leave that charging overnight in another room as well, as smartphones also emit blue light.)



5. Add some potted plants to your bedroom. Plants both relax us and help keep a room well-oxygenated, which is ideal for sleeping. For added benefit, get a lavender plant the scent of lavender has been found to be especially sleep-promoting.



6. Choose heavy curtains. Unless you live way out in the country, chances are good that light pollution is everywhere around you at night. While this light pollution may seem subtle enough to the naked eye (as most of us are so very used to it), it mimics the first light of dawn and can thus confuse our circadian rhythms. Similarly, if you live in the northern USA or Canada, the dramatic shifts in daylight that occur in summer can prompt your body to wake up much earlier than you wish to, making heavy curtains a real asset.



7. Get the most comfortable bed possible. This, of course, is pretty much rule #1 for getting a good night's rest. If your mattress is over seven years old, replace your mattress with a new one. Choose a mattress that is neither too soft nor too hard for your needs, with adequate back support the idea that harder is always better is actually a myth.



The Way You Sleep And What It Says About You

There are multiple sleeping positions, and believe it or not, these do say quite a lot about us, the way we are and think. Yes, sleeping positions aren’t chosen at random, instead both our body and mind work together in order to choose the best ones. In this article we are going to focus on the most popular sleep positions and what they say about you.







This is one of the most popular position and the person that sleeps in such a mode are widely thought of as being sensitive and shy, mainly persons that have a tough exterior and a warm heart. You can see that from the fact that this seems uncomfortable when you see it, pretty much like the person feels in real life when he/she encounters new situations.




This particular sleep position means that the person sleeps on the side with arms stretched towards the front. Also a popular sleeping pattern, this one showcases the warmth and open heart that a person has towards others. Such people tough can also be a little cynical and suspicious sometimes as well.




This one is self-explanatory in regards to the way it looks, but when it comes to its meaning, you need to know that people who sleep as such are very sociable most of the time and they love to engage in a wide range of activities and talk with various people as well. Log sleepers are trusting people easily, which sometimes is a little bad for them.




Do you sleep on your back with the arms near your body? Then you are a soldier. This type of persons is structured and serious, with a lot of expectations from both him/her and the others around.




Free-fallers rest on the stomach and with the head on the side. Pretty much like the name says, these persons have a free personality and they are filled with a social life and warmth, even though they can be nervous sometimes, based on the situations that arise.




This might not be a very popular sleep position, but if you do sleep like this then you make friends a massive priority in your life. You love to talk with other people and help them with their problems, which makes you one of the perfect friends out there.


Pillow Hugger


A pillow hugger shows that bonds with other people are very important in their lives, and most of the time a pillow hugger is a person that places others on the pedestal instead of helping himself/herself.




This is not a sleep position, but it’s important to know that snoring does show some problems in the form of extreme emotions. People that snore live their life to the fullest and enjoy each moment like it would be the last one.


As you can see, each of the sleep positions tells a story, which is very interesting. While it might be a little odd, even the way we sleep does tell a story, and now you can interpret it with ease!

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