The things mentioned below are activities that when you do them before you sleep will only leave you more strung out and less sleepy. If you want to enjoy a peaceful night sleep you should at all costs avoid doing the following things:




Partake Wine

Other than the prescribed one glass of wine every day; anything more than this will make you get up after just a couple of hours of sleep instead of the threshold you want to meet.


Indulge in Television

Television watching stimulates the mind. You are advised to switch off the television at least two hours before retiring to bed.


Logging In To Social Media

Avoid switching on your computer/tablet/smartphone an hour before you call it a night. Reason being, the light emitting from the device’s screen will negatively affect your circadian rhythm.


Avoid Reading a Suspense Novel

Instead of reading a thoroughly entertaining story; opt to read a light and uplifting book. The book will invite sleep as opposed to a murder mystery that will leave you hungry for more reading than sleeping!


Wired Not Tired

At all costs, avoid taking any nasal decongestants, neither should you consume any cold and flu pseudoephedrine filled medications. These are drugs that keep you alert as opposed to helping you wind down.


Avoid Petting and Grooming Pets

A scientific study of sleep disorder patterns revealed that 53% of all pet owners agree that their pets disturb their sleep. Pets will do multiple things to keep you awake, from barking, scratching, bed hogging or even their loud snoring. As much as you love your pets, if you invite them to bed, you will not have a good night sleep.


No Coffee

All coffee should be consumed before lunchtime. Any time afterwards will only end up interfering with your sleeping patterns. Try your level best to have coffee only in the mornings.